Certified eCPR Training Delivered by The Resonating Heart

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Emotional CPR is a hands-on Certification Training in which you will be reacquainted with your authentic self. You will identify emotions and feelings while authentically listening and truly holding space with someone. You will learn to support without words, recognize and practice resonating and connection, while respecting your own self care and that of the greater community.


  • Respecting each other as equal, recognizing the diversity of being human.
  • A heightened perception of others’ experiences.
  • Learning how to listen with your whole body (TING listening).
  • Supporting without words (holding space).
  • Recognizing and practicing resonating.
  • Self care (meCPR).
  • Respecting the greater community (weCPR).

eCPR Bi-lingual (French/English) Training

Tuesday February 21st and Friday February 24th, 2023
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM EST
Held virtually via Zoom
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